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Team Elevate is more than just being on a lacrosse team.  It’s about the whole experience TE provides for our players and our families including empowering young women to be the best they can be in a fun and encouraging environment.  Here’s what some of our players and parents had to say about Team Elevate and their experience:

Thank you Dave and the entire TE coaching staff for making Olivia's first year at Elevate amazing. It was a big change for her and one that has been so positive. Olivia not only learned advanced lacrosse skills, but also made best friends. The girls on the team genuinely respect and encourage one another, making great team chemistry and stellar lacrosse play. She appreciates the time you spend individually on her, correcting her when she needs it. You are a great motivator - coach’s words are powerful, and we thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. This is a family team, including parents and siblings. We enjoy cheering on the sidelines with some wonderful people. The well-wishes for other player’s children is tangible. Thanks for making this a fabulous year.

- The Escoffery Family

We just wanted to say thank you for an incredible experience at Elevate. Katie came over her sophomore year from another club and played an entire seasons worth of lacrosse in the fall. She was able to participate in crucial recruiting tournaments that she would not have been able to get into with other clubs. Vic and the Bobs helped her blossom as a lacrosse player and develop her own style of play. This was extremely instrumental in helping her get recruited. You and Vic spent a tremendous amount of time guiding and helping her through the recruiting process, which allowed her to pick the school of her choice. People pay a lot of money for these services but Elevate provided this at no cost. She systematically visited schools and made an educated decision on the best fit for her. We never dreamed that she would be able to get into an Ivy league school , and your reply was that she was the perfect candidate. The whole experience for Katie was life changing and dream come true. The Elevate experience was like one big family. When we played in Disney the team chemistry was so impressive that coaches were trying to recruit the entire team. This was a testament to the atmosphere that was created for them to play and train in. We enjoyed all the parents, coaches, and players along with car pools and traveling. We will look back with such fond memories of this time and at the same time look forward to watching the girls play in the future.

- Caroline and Tom Reilly

Team Elevate enables a culture of personal growth in all areas necessary for the young student athlete. The support mechanisms provided by the staff and accountability of the leadership are best in class

- The Harrisons

I wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity you provided for me at Team Elevate. If you had not taken a chance on me I wouldn't have been able to even consider playing lacrosse in college. Now I am in the last stages of my decision process and couldn't be happier. Although there are many people and memories that I will miss here, I am excited to create new bonds with new teammates in college. I am so grateful for everything the team has taught me about lacrosse and life, I only regret not having more time with all of you.

- Alyssa Gehrke

After playing for a another highly regarded program since 5th grade, my daughter came to Elevate in the Fall before her junior year because she was disappointed with the recruiting efforts of her former team. The decision to leave was not an easy one because she left many good friends behind but the results of her decision were immediate and substantial. She had significant interest from 3 or 4 Division 1 schools after the first game of her first Fall tournament! The recruiting process only got better from there. Her Elevate coach had weekly meetings to go over strategy and reviewed every e-mail to every college coach before it was sent. Before Christmas, my daughter had offers from several Division I schools before finally selecting her choice in early January. Beyond the recruiting, the Elevate team welcomed her as part of the family immediately and she has made some great friendships with some great girls.

- Matt Kiernan & Family

Our experience in moving to Team Elevate has been the difference between night and day! Dave Kotowski is one of the most passionate, seasoned lacrosse coaches in the country who empowers each and every girl to be their best both on and off the field. Dave and his incredible Team Elevate family have provided an explosive platform of exposure to all of the Top D1 programs that her former team would never be able to accomplish. Not only does he have relationships with all of the college coaches but magnetic friendships that open up so many doors. The process has been and continues to be a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience. He cares for his girls as if they were all his daughters and with any question or concern, he is always there for you. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Dave and his family their endless support, encouragement and words of wisdom.

- Erin & Bill Gaffney

My decision to tryout for Team Elevate was quite simple. I had been playing on another Long Island travel program for two years. I knew I was looking to play college lacrosse and had to tryout for recruiting events where I could hope to showcase myself as a player. I was fortunate enough to earn a spot on the Brine showcase team. My fellow teammates were made up of girls from all over Long Island, many of which played for Elevate. After that successful experience, the girls encouraged me to tryout for their team. At tryouts, I knew then that what was happening was like nothing I had experienced. The tryouts were run smoothly and with effective drills. The level of talent that the girls had, in addition to the coaching that was being given, was unlike anything I had seen at other tryouts. Thankfully, I was selected for the team. As the new player, never once was I made to feel as an "extra" player. I was immediately part of the Elevate family. One of the best parts of being on Elevate has been the fact that every player wants to be there as much as the next. We help each other on and off the field. The term family is used often, but the truth is, we are a family. As a player, I couldn't have asked for more! In practices, we run at tempo to prepare us for games and yet still get individual instruction. The tournaments that we go to are the premiere recruiting events. The exposure to these recruiting events and showcases is unlike any other program. The individualized college recruiting meetings and seminars is something that is unique to Elevate. I felt as if my meetings were centered around me as a student and a player. Any questions or feedback I needed was just a phone call away. As I start my final year in Elevate, I am grateful for everything that has happened to me since I joined Elevate. My experience has prepared me to play Division 1 lacrosse in college. I know I am fortunate to be part of this team and I am forever grateful to be part of this family.

- Jillian Winwood

This past season was my first with Team Elevate after leaving another team I played with for several seasons. I have nothing but great things to say about my switch and could not happier with my decision. After going to the first practice I knew it was the right choice, within five minutes of being there I already learned something new. The coaches have given me tips that have improved my game and all around made me a better, smarter player. Everything about Team Elevate is player focused and I absolutely love that. The staff is supportive and extremely helpful, especially during these recruiting years, which was hard for me to find in past seasons.

- Shannon Boyle

Making the move to play for Elevate may have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Coach Dave and Vic have given me so much love and support throughout my Elevate career, I couldn't possibly ask for more. Elevate gives you so many opportunities for recruiting to really put you on the map which helps tremendously. Joining Elevate was like becoming apart of a second family. We stick together and have each others back no matter what. I can’t thank Dave and Vic enough for making my time playing lacrosse fun and memorable.

- Emma Greenhill

We have told people that in comparison to other programs Elevate is like Nirvana to us. Why? Elevate’s entire philosophy revolves around creating a positive learning experience for the girls that goes beyond lacrosse to support the girls as athletes, as students, and as people. They address the whole picture. The study and recruiting resources and meetings, the college trips, and the ongoing advice are amazing. There is constant messaging to players and parents on everything from plays to social media behavior. They emphasize constantly that grades come first, lacrosse is second. Opportunities are communicated to the entire organization so all players can aspire to participate in extra camps and showcases. Elevate cares, they have a process to provide player feedback, and our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Other organizations made us feel like we were lucky to be playing for them, at Elevate we are made to feel like we belong. Expectations are set for everyone - for both player and spectator conduct, and the organization is very conscious of player and family integrity. There is no drama. Our daughters have played for other programs and it was extremely frustrating. Nobody told them what they should work on to get better or took an actual interest in them. It was literally painful getting through a summer of tournaments. At Elevate, our girls are actually appreciated. The coaches have identified their unique strengths and how they can best contribute to the team. Elevate is helping them reach their potential, they are working hard, and they are happy. From our daughter: “I like Elevate because it’s not about politics, it’s more like family. The director pays attention to us and is involved. It’s really good for recruiting – especially the college tours. No other program does that.”

- Pete Schwasnick & Family

Our daughter, Ally just finished her first year playing with Team Elevate on the 2017 Blue team. She had played for several years with another club and after much thought we knew she needed to join a team/club in which she could grow as a player. Joining Team Elevate was the best decision we could have made in regards to her athletic career. From the first day we were welcomed by all, as new members of the TE family. Being given the opportunity to play with such talented girls has made Ally a stronger player. Coach Dave and the other coaches truly care about the players, they are always pushing them to be the best both on and off the field. Their knowledge of the recruiting process is so impressive. We are forever grateful for the opportunities that Ally has been given and to be part of such a successful lacrosse program.

- Trish and Rob Palermo

Hi my name is Emily Valensky and I just completed my first year with the 2018 Blue Team. I was with a different organization before starting with Team Elevate for four years. When I first started out on that team I thought I was really happy. Over the years I became more and more frustrated but I wanted to stick it out because I had made so many wonderful friends. Last year, my mom insisted that I try out for Team Elevate since she had heard great things about the organization. Well, I wasn't thrilled at first I admit. After leaving the tryout I was in a complete shock how things ran compared to my previous organization. I knew after the tryout this was the Organization/Team that I wanted to be part of. I was honored to accept the position on the team and I have not stopped smiling. It was the best thing I have ever done. I have gained so much more confidence in myself and have learned more in one year with Team Elevate than I had on my prior team for 4 years. In this case the grass is definitely greener. I absolutely love my coach and my team and am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be part of the Team Elevate Family.

- Emily Valensky

People who know us know how passionate we are about Elevate. It is more than just a lacrosse club it is a family. I still remember receiving that first phone call from Coach Dave four years ago. He went out of his way to welcome us and to learn more about our daughter Ali. This is part of his wholistic approach to coaching. He explained that every child is unique and that every child's pace is different. He stressed the importance of family first, academics, and then lacrosse. You can always hear him saying "it's the little things". His coaching has strengthened our daughter from the inside out. The training she has received has been second to none. He has given our daughter increased confidence and strength in everything she does. Vic Kotowski, is now guiding us through the recruitment process. This includes everything from high school course selection, ACT vs SAT, and coaches letters. Vic answers every question with the knowledge , patience, and understanding that only a great deal of experience brings. She also stresses that everyone moves on different timelines and that everyone finds the school meant for them. It's hard to believe that this is the stage we are at now since that first call four years ago. What is not hard to believe is how much our daughter has grown, the close connections we have made and knowing that our daughter is a member of an amazing team and extended family.

- Heather Hoffman

Our daughter is a goalie, who takes every appropriate opportunity to leave the crease. Prior to joining the club, she was discouraged and often reprimanded during games for leaving the goal open. Team Elevate coaches have encouraged embraced and coached her into developing this style of play. Their support, wisdom and encouragement have both helped her confidence on the field and off. The coaches have been honest, supportive but also real in their expectations and feedback.

- Dawn Kotsailidis

The other night I had occasion to send Dave and Vic this email: “Hi Dave and Vic, Tonight I went to a guidance meeting at the high school outlining the myriad, mystical steps we must take over the next year to try to get our children into a somewhat decent college. It is a daunting task, with no clear end in sight. I just wanted to tell you again how incredibly blessed I feel that Emma has this remarkable opportunity in front of her. You both have changed the course of her life and all that you’ve done for her is not lost on me. Thanks thanks thanks. Liz” Dave responded within a few minutes: “Thanks so much. We love getting emails like this because in the end - stories like Emma are what it's all about.” I realize this exchange is particular to my daughter Emma’s (2016) situation as a player who very much wants to go to college and continue with her lacrosse life. But if I had emailed Dave or Vic about a problem, I would have heard from them just as quickly. While Team Elevate Lacrosse continues to grow into a formidable east coast lax club, I feel certain that Dave and all of his coaches will continue to treat our family like family. If your daughter is interested in being recruited to play lacrosse in college, Dave and all of his staff will do all they can to optimize her exposure and experience. If your daughter, like my younger daughter Katherine (2019), is not sure she wants to play in college but loves the game, Team Elevate will provide her with some of the most memorable moments of her young life. Often, as we shake out our stadium chairs early on a weekend morning, wishing we’d had time for one more cup of coffee, I realize that each field we visit is the best place for my daughters to be at that moment.

- Liz DeGennaro and Family

Entering into the recruiting process can be a terrifying and confusing prospect. Team Elevate and specifically Victoria Kotowski has helped us to begin to navigate through this huge undertaking. Team Elevate scheduled a private 1on1 meeting with Victoria. Prior to the meeting she emailed us and gave us a list of what to bring i.e. transcript, current test scores, personal profile, and a list of colleges. This allowed for a very productive hour. Victoria was very specific about what Kate and my husband and I needed to get done, including communication with college coaches, writing a proper email (Vic gave us samples), grades, tests, and setting your goals realistically. Her feedback was honest and she offered many practical suggestions for maximizing Kate's ability and potential to get recruited. Most importantly, Victoria and team Elevate have a genuine interest and desire to see your child succeed at the next level, unlike an anonymous recruiter. Victoria and her father Dave have developed personal and close relationships with their players. Their interest extends past the lacrosse field, they want the best for their players on and off the field.

- Mary and Eric Majoy

Our daughter Kristina has been playing on Team Elevate for two years. When my husband and I were looking for a team for her we looked at many other travel programs. After many hours of online searching and many phone calls we decided that Team Elevate was the right team for us. After meeting Dave Kotowski for the first time, we felt extremely comfortable and confident that our daughter would have a positive experience. We were not disappointed. Not only did our daughter learn a lot right from the start but she had fun too. We have watched Kristina grow as a lacrosse player, become more confident and have a new love for the game. Her skills have improved because of the amazing coaches she has had. She has made some amazing friends that she continues to see even after the season has ended. We are looking forward to the upcoming season and the continuted growth that Kristina will experience. Team Elevate is an amazing lacrosse organization and we are so happy to be a part of the "Team Elevate Family."

- Susan & Tony Fassino

Dave has been instrumental in helping us navigate the college recruiting process. He, and his daughter Victoria, guided us every step of the way, from taking our 2016 team to the right tournaments, to giving the girls lists of college coaches to email, and fielding the many calls and emails from coaches across the country. Dave’s deep knowledge of schools, coaches and the recruiting process helped Hailey find the college that was right for her. Currently she is verbally committed to Syracuse University. This would never have occurred without Dave and Team Elevate. Thank you Coach K. and Team Elevate, you have changed our daughter’s life.

- Rob & Naushad Bengston

Our experience as a family with the Team Elevate program has made all the difference in our daughter Rose's growth as a player, person, student of the game, and well prepared college recruit. Dave Kotowski provides the personal touch that is so important. Dave welcomes you to the "Team Elevate Family" and takes a genuine interest in each child and their family. Dave provided outstanding guidance and support in the college recruiting process through family meetings and through direct contact with the college head coaches to ensure Rose was given the best opportunity to find the right college program both academically and athletically. Our experience in the Team Elevate program has been wonderful. We count ourselves very fortunate to have been directed to the "Team Elevate Family" and the outstanding leadership, coaching, and guidance of Dave Kotowski.

- Carolyn & Ed Mangiarotti

I have known Dave Kotowski and his family for over 10 years. My daughter started playing and taking lessons with Dave in third grade. He took a shy little girl and taught her how to believe in her abilities. Dave knows that not only does a team need to have fantastic players but the fantastic players need to be a supportive family. He has created a warm and opened environment in which the girls can grow. There are values a family can teach, then there are values your child learns outside your homes. My husband and I are grateful that our daughter is in such great hands and is learning not only how to compete with hard work but also with grace.

- Chrissy & Brian Hotton

Choosing an organization for your child is a difficult and personal decision. I have been involved in directing a boys travel program for the last eight years and I have seen the best and worst of what travel lacrosse can be. When it was time to chose an organization for my daughter’s first travel experience I felt I was more than qualified to make the correct decision because of my experience on the boys side, yet I was pleasantly surprised by how Team Elevate is so much more then a lacrosse team. Over the summer months it became Delaney’s lacrosse family. While many teams can help your child improve skills, Team Elevate worked on the entire experience, including lacrosse IQ, the team game and respect for the game. Team Elevate was the best choice we could have made. Tournaments were chosen to challenge the teams skills and correct level of play, and the practices were extremely well organized and thought out. There was never any down time, and the coaches would often stay after practice to work with players with one on one fundamental trainings. My daughter's lacrosse knowledge has improved tremendously because of Dave Kotowski and Team Elevate's work ethic, knowledge, and dedication to the game. Mr. Kotowski is dedicated to teaching the principles of the game on a personal level as well as how to compete as a team. As a lacrosse coach myself, this is very important to me. I have played lacrosse with and against Dave for many years, and I have witnessed his passion for the sport on the field. It was great to see that same passion on the sideline. My wife and I couldn’t be happier about Delaney’s progression with Team Elevate. She is already geared up and psyched for next summer! Thank you!

- Brian & Lynn Anne O’Keefe

Dave Kotowski and Team Elevate have been the best decision that our daughter made not only for her lacrosse career but also for her college future and self esteem! After participating in another elite program, our daughter sought out Team Elevate and Coach Kotowski because she heard the kids on his team were more than just a number and a slot filler. She hasn’t looked back! In fact, her skill level, her game and her confidence and continued to elevate since she joined Team Elevate! Coach Kotowski cares about each child! He’s passionate about the game of lacrosse and very knowledgeable! He is an active coach that is always teaching the girls the game and new strategies! Coach Kotowski is all about elevating their game and taking them to the next level! He prides himself on having a team of intelligent girls and is not afraid to let coaches know! As parents, we fully endorse Dave Kotowski and Team Elevate! We are grateful for everything he has done for our daughter and every other child in game of lacrosse!

- Bob & Nancy Kocis

There are many Lacrosse programs being offered to children but we have yet to find a program that emphasizes what is most important for the development of players like Team Elevate Lacrosse. Skill development, teamwork and game concepts are the focus but in an extremely positive and fun environment. While most measure success by wins and losses, the Elevate staff concentrates on the development of the individual and overall team as their degree of success. Watching the 7th-8th grade girls team last year was the ultimate example of what all programs should emulate. Each individual improved dramatically and the team grew into an incredibly cohesive group. The coaches were patient with the development of the girls and stayed focused on improving skills and creating confidence. I strongly recommend the Team Elevate program!!!!!!

- Scott & Karen Lohan

Although my older daughter had been playing lacrosse for another local Long Island elite team it wasn't until she played for Dave Kotowski and Team Elevate that she declared, "Playing for Mr. Kotowski is the reason why I love lacrosse so much"! Team Elevate is not just about playing lacrosse; it's about building forever friendships, respect for others, learning about being responsible in all areas of life and study, building self confidence and elevating your lacrosse skills. Team Elevate has a true interest in the success of all their players and that is demonstrated through their staff that share the same knowledge and passion for the game but by also being available for your child at any time to help them through a personal road block. I thank him for helping me be a better parent and I'm so grateful that my younger daughter does not have to wait to enjoy the benefits of Team Elevate.

- Donna and Stan Harvey

Dave Kotowski has been coaching our 11 year old daughter, Jillian, in both soccer and lacrosse for over four years. In those four years, Jillian has grown significantly both as an athlete and as a person. Therefore, we were thrilled when Dave announced he was forming Team Elevate. Our daughter’s first summer on Team Elevate was excellent. Dave focused hard on getting to know each of the girls personally and enhancing their particular talents and abilities. He expects a lot from the girls, but never makes them feel inferior; and he also actively promotes extremely positive character-building and sportsmanship traits. Having been a great lacrosse player in college and run a professional lacrosse team, Dave certainly knows how to teach the game to youngsters and how to oversee a lacrosse program. Dave is passionate about the game of lacrosse and is passing that passion onto a whole generation of girls who are fortunate enough to be coached by him.

- Jeff and Susie Futter

The Trodden Family would like to Endorse Team Elevate and its Lacrosse program as the best girl’s club on Long Island. Coming from one of the "Alleged Best Clubs on Long Island" before coming to Team Elevate there is truly no comparison. At Team Elevate you are not treated as just another number, paying a fee to play. You are treated as an individual and part of the family. In one summer with Team Elevate we have had several top colleges contact us on our daughters performance and it would of never had happened without the excellent and hardworking coaching staff involved. Even at practices teaching the game is at the forefront as opposed to criticism. This Program has been the best decision we have made as a family in regards to our daughters athletic career. We are truly grateful for everything this program has done and look forward to the next upcoming season!

- James & Lynn Trodden

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